Power Lift Recliners: Top 5 Benefits + 5 of the Best models in the market!

If your doctor or therapist has suggested that you should look into getting a lift chair, but you don't know what one is - it's understandable. At first glance, they appear to be regular recliners; however, their specialized design offers total support and enhanced mobility for those facing age-related issues.

Shopping for a power lift recliner chair can be an intimidating process, but we are here to guide you through it. Read on to learn more about the advantages of owning a lift chair and discover some of the best power recliners in the market today so that you make an informed decision with confidence!

How does power lift recliners work?

In addition to being called lift chairs, power chairs and power lift recliners are also names for these amazing pieces of medical equipment. Created specifically to help those with mobility issues, a lift chair looks just like any other recliner but offers so much more in terms of comfort and support!

Unlike your typical recliner, a power lift chair offers an easier way to get up. Thanks to its powerful lifting system that activates with the push of a button on the remote, it tilts both the base and back of the seat forward which helps you stand again without exerting much effort. You can use this handy piece of furniture in either an upright or laid-back position effortlessly - no lever required!

For those with limited mobility struggling to move from a seated or standing position due to discomfort or muscle weakness, a lift chair may be an invaluable aid.

5 Benefits of having a power lift recliner

1. Creates a sense of independence

With a lift chair recliner, elderly individuals or those with limited mobility no longer have to rely on someone else to help them stand up and sit down. These chairs come equipped with a remote control so you can adjust the position of your chair simply by pressing the button.

For instance, if you want to be seated in comfort, all that is required is using your handset - just press it and raise your seat until you are comfortable! Once done sitting down, lowering the chair back into its original place requires only one more simple tap of the operating button; no assistance is needed at all!

2. Can reduce bed sores, sometimes referred to as pressure sores

Pressure ulcers, more commonly known as bedsores or decubitus ulcers, are wounds that form when the skin is subjected to prolonged pressure. These sores often develop on areas of the body where bones protrude; such as around heels, ankles, hips, and tailbones.

Those with limited mobility due to a medical condition and those who often remain seated or in bed are most likely to develop bedsores, which can be especially painful.

To protect yourself from the development of pressure sores, you should move around regularly. But if movement is not easy for you to accomplish, a lift chair can help! This type of chair allows you to make adjustments throughout the day and even stand up with ease - promoting better circulation in your body as well. With a lift chair, it's never been easier to stay active and avoid discomfort.

3. Helps decrease the risk of injury

Lift chair recliners are ideal for those with mobility issues due to their adjustable heights, enabling users to comfortably sit in a higher position than other sitting positions permit. This greatly reduces any strain on the muscles or back when standing up and sitting down.

Lift chair recliners not only diminish the odds of elderly people falling when they're unable to stand up quickly from a low sitting position but also lessen the risk for their caretakers who are regularly required to lift them. This way, both parties can enjoy increased safety and comfort.

4. Simple to use

The power lift chairs that offer the most convenience come with a remote control that is simple to use. Instead of having to press buttons or switches on the side of your chair, you can just operate it from afar, making the operation much easier and more efficient.

5. Provides comfort

Not only do lift chair recliners feature adjustable backrests and footrests to create the most comfortable position for reading, watching television, or sleeping - but they also come with advantageous heat-and-massage units that can provide relief from both muscle pain and backaches. Additionally, these chairs boast built-in storage areas on each side so you never have to get up just to grab an item close by. Comfort and convenience have truly reached new heights!

5 of the Best models in the market!

For many, achieving restful sleep is an arduous task. Nevertheless, for those who have medical issues such as heart conditions or sleep apnea, it can be even tougher to stay asleep through the night. If you're somebody that needs to slumber in an elevated position, then investing in a power recliner could be the ideal solution! As this offers the perfect angle for them to drift off peacefully and comfortably into dreamland.

1. Comfort Series Recliner - Heavy Duty Wide 33"

Weight Cap: 700 lbs
Overall Width: 45"
Overall Height: 47"
Width Between Arms: 33"
Distance Required from Wall Reclined: 20"
Seat Depth: 22"

Realizing that "one size does not fit all," Golden Technologies has expanded its renowned Comforter Series recliners to incorporate a wider seating area and unmatched lifting capacities of up to 700 lbs. as the highest in the industry. Five lift models are available with two heavy-duty motors for increased strength and support, plus a three-position style recline mechanism for added convenience.

2. MaxiComfort Lift Chair - Medium/Large EZ Sleeper

Weight Cap: 375 lbs
Overall Width: 34"
Overall Height: 44"
Width Between Arms: 22"
Distance Required from Wall Reclined: 24"
Seat Depth: 21"

Transform your abode with the latest EZ Sleeper featuring Twilight positioning technology! This sophisticated design features a modern track arm for maximum comfort. Experience full relaxation and indulgence with MaxiComfort's world-first Twilight positioning which has an added bonus of powered headrests and lumbar support. Enjoy custom seating like never before -without the Brisa fabric upcharge *MSRP listed does not include the Brisa fabric upcharge!.

Experience a new level of comfort and relaxation in the PR761-MLA, Golden's revolutionary power positioning lift recliner. Outfitted with their patented five-motor system, enjoy comprehensive support for your head, lumbar region, and feet while elevating them above your heart – resulting in an effortless feeling of weightlessness! With Twilight Positions specifically designed to reduce pressure points along your spine while ensuring proper posture by preserving its natural "S" shape; luxuriate like never before with this state-of-the-art piece from Golden.

3. MaxiComfort Lift Chair - Medium/Large Cloud w/ Twilight

Weight Cap: 375 lbs
Overall Width: 38"
Overall Height: 46"
Width Between Arms: 19"
Distance Required from Wall Reclined: 28.5"
Seat Depth: 21"

Experience comfort like never before with the MaxiComfort recline technology, a revolutionary two-motor power lift, and recline chair that features an exclusive motion seat box unlike any other.

Introducing the Power Adjustable Head Pillow, a MaxiComfort recline with four distinct settings: TV Watching, Zero Gravity, Sleep, and Trendelenburg. Autodrive programming allows for the personalization of your rest experience with memory-saving options available. Our exclusive Power Pillow™ Curved Motion Design provides superior comfort when positioning the head and neck area while our Bucket Seat design ensures your weight is distributed evenly up to 375lbs! Produced by American engineers using both domestic and imported materials as well as a 7 Year warranty on motors & electronics; this product also offers an unbeatable Limited Lifetime Warranty.

4. LC-580iL

Weight Cap: 375 lbs
Overall Width: 39"
Seat to Floor: 21"
Seat Depth: 21"
Seat Width: 21"
Top of Back to Seat: 29"
Distance From Wall: 21"

The Oasis offers an unprecedented level of comfort in Pride® Power Lift Recliners. Its overstuffed padding and contoured memory foam seating provide unrivaled plushness, while individualized support is provided by its pocketed coils so you can experience maximum relaxation. Enjoy extra storage with the recliner's unique quad pocket design, as well as a convenient hand control equipped with a USB charger port. The Oasis comes in both true infinite-position and 3-position models for your convenience.

5. Perfect Sleep Chair - Genuine Italian Leather

Weight Cap: 350 lbs
Body Depth: 38”
Seat Depth: 21.5”
Body Height: 45”
Body Width: 38”
Seat width: 20”
Seat to back: 29”

Indulge in a new level of solace. With its power recline & lift, heat, and massage functions, your Perfect Sleep Chair has unparalleled craftsmanship and quality. Yet beyond comfort, this chair is also an investment to keep you secure - it's much more than just a lifting mechanism; it's a state-of-the-art way to relax!

At the press of a button, you can be instantly lifted up to stand or gently lowered down into a sitting position when your knees are feeling weak. Whether it's night or day, even the most restless of sleepers will find solace in their Perfect Sleep Chair – allowing them to get that much-needed rejuvenating rest they deserve! Plus, it supports people weighing up to 350 lbs and measuring up to 6’5” - so everyone can reap its benefits.

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